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Double Good News

Well I got double good news today.   First was the official snail mail notification of Boston Marathon acceptance!

Second and more importantly, I was told I do not have a hip fracture!!  It's a big relief but I was getting quite irritated worrying about the whole mess.  I saw a PT from Illinois Bone & Joint who is a certified athletic trainer.  They offer free injury assessments.  My ortho belongs to the same group so it would have made for an easy referral. 

We could not duplicate any hip pain.   She tried pushing my hips together...nothing.  Pushing on my knee and forcing my leg toward my hip...nothing.   She did tell me my hips and legs are extremely tight which as absolutely no new news to me.  I got several pages of stretching and strengthening exercises of which I only was in the habit of one of them.  The Dynamic Hamstring Stretch.

The biggest question was how much down time do I take from running?  The answer is zero.  Except for injury and when my schedule is just impossible, I run all the time.  Six days a week most of the year and since April of 2008 I have not really taken any time away.   And although I hate to admit I'm getting older and still want to outperform the 30 somethings, it's good advice.   So I've been told to cross-train (swimming, biking, etc) for the next two weeks and let my body reset.
Can't I just hit this thing instead?
So it's on to cross training and slowly resume running.  If I'm still having issues in two weeks we'll see what else can be done.  

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