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A Solution to the Problem

So here I sit almost four weeks post marathon without a solution.  I took one whole week off from running immediately after the race.  The second week was a slow return to running and I put in 25 miles.  But something was still not right.   Those adductors never felt perfect.   Maybe I strained them and so another full two weeks off.   This past Sunday, I ran 5 miles and that same soreness is still there.   There has also been some soreness right along in my pelvic area that should have been gone by now if it was a muscle pull.   Keep in mind at no point is there any pain.  Just a general soreness.

So I've been to the internet and back a few times to see if I can self-diagnosis this thing.  Any strains should have been healed by now.   It does not hurt to stand, climb stairs, walk or jump.   There is no pain when I run, just soreness.  What I really think this might be is a hip stress fracture or stress reaction.   Bottom line: I have given up the hope that this will go away on it's own.   And since the Boston Marathon looms in April I need to get this resolved...NOW!  

There is a really good article from Methodist Hospital in Houston which makes me think I'm right.  They cite, "Research suggests that most athletes who develop stress fractures have been training for at least two years, six or more times a week. A stress fracture is more likely to occur after an increase in how far, how often, and how hard a person goes."  Guilty as charged.  But that also describes almost every other marathoner I know.

What is the possible good news:  "One of your doctor's main goals will be to determine if other problems, such as muscle or tendon injuries, are causing some or all of your pain."   I would much rather have this diagnosis since hip stress fractures are slower to heal.  

The solution starts with a diagnosis.  I've scheduled an appointment with a sports medicine physical therapist.   I'll start there and not really sure what they can tell me.  I may have to go see my ortho at some point.  Boring deep water pool running may be in my near future.

I would have never run Milwaukee if I had even suspected this injury.   Maybe running a 3:37 marathon with a hip stress fracture proves I'm not as soft as I appeared during the race. 


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