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Elmhurst 4 on the 4th Race Report

My 4 miler was hot! Shocking huh. 82F with over 70% humidity at the start. Since I have so many freinds and in-laws in Elmhurst this race has become a tradition.  Five of us were running this race.   Before the race and after my warm-up I ran into my cousin Gina so that made six of us.    It was a nice surprise since I rarely see her. 

 I attempted to run even paces and think I succeeded. However, as I was hitting the start button on my Garmin someone elbowed my watch and it took me about a half mile to get it started.  The one big problem with Garmins is that if your fingers are sweaty, the touch face rarely recognizes the commands.  Being forced to run by feel is not the worst thing in the world.   Especially, since it was so hot out.

I passed my friend Ed just before the first mile marker.  Weird because he lined up behind me and
I never saw him pass me in the first place.   Final time was 28:38 (7:10 pace).  Hopefully, I got some CARA race points for LFLB.  24 seconds slower than my PR.  Blame it on the heat?   The only way I can compare my fitness is to the leaders. The guy who finished second last year finished first this year and was 8 seconds slower per mile. I was 6 seconds per mile slower. Success? 

17 miles are on tap for the morning.  Thankfully, the 100+ temps finally broke today

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