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Cutback Week Part 1

Ahhh, cutback week.   A brief respite in the training schedule of a marathoner.   It also coincided with vacation.  A period of refreshing the muscles and preparing my legs for the final 11 weeks until my marathon.

My mileage in previous weeks has been: 43, 47, 49 and 54.   The goal was to cutback to 42 during vacation.  The best part of running in the Northwoods of Wisconsin is the scenery.   Need an example?

The road I run is heavily wooded with trees growing very close to the edge of both sides of the road.It is located within the Northern Highland-American Legion state forest.  Hills and sweeping turns are common. Often with lakes on both sides of the road.  Last year I discovered a black bear on my route.  Thankfully this year the most vicious thing I faced was a chipmunk.   Temps were a nice break as it dipped down into the high 60's in early morning.   Only one problem, do I fish first thing every morning or run?   I managed to split the difference and only put in 36 miles.

The fishing wasn't great.  Too hot .  Everything I caught was small and thrown back.  I fished for musky.   And the largest thing I caught was an eleven inch bass on a giant musky lure of all things.  We caught and kept enough for a small dinner.

All in all it was very relaxing.   Running or fishing.   Either way it was good break.  

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