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Here Comes Another Test

Wow, has it really been over two months since I've raced?   It's been hard to believe how fast the summer has been racing by.   Getting up at 5AM most weekdays to get in my workouts and then passing out of exhaustion at 9:30PM had something to do with the perceived speed.   Tomorrow I will test my current state of fitness at the Peapod Half Madness 13.1.

Any race that has crossbones in their logo has to be good right?   I've never done this race so I'm anxious to see what it's all about.   My training has been solid even though I'm tired at the end of every day.   I've averaged 55 miles for the last three weeks.  I did 22 miles last Saturday and although my legs were tired my last two miles were the fastest.   The mid-week runs are getting faster.  So much so that a 12 miler last week at an 8:10 pace felt easy.   Even a check of my blood pressure this morning revealed a resting heart rate of 43.

The half marathon tomorrow will be a great test to see how prepared I am to go sub 3:30 (dare I say 3:25) in six weeks time.  There really is no doubt that I will PR on Sunday.   The real question is just how fast?   My current PR is a 7:32 pace.   But I'm thinking of going out at a 7:20 pace tomorrow and see what happens.  The last three miles are a slight downhill.   I'll post my race report as soon as I can.

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