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Coming to a Race Near You


  The Brooks Fanatics members across the country are now receiving their official gear.   I got my singlet in the mail and it now means I must have about one thousand different running shirts.   This counts all of the tech shirts I have received at races, gifts from family, shirts from memberships and the very few that I've actually purchased.   There is no requirement for any of the Fanatics to wear the gear at races but I'm sure you'll see many of them.   More understated than the Brooks ID gear found here and ironically you cannot purchase the Fanatics top but you can purchase the more exclusive Brooks ID singlet. 

We had a huge storm here on Tuesday night.   My Wednesday morning run felt like a trail run because of all of the down branches.  Sounds of generators and extension cords extended into neighbors houses due to the electricity being out.  On my run I noticed one street in particular looked like a disaster area.  Why was this street so bad while the surrounding streets just looked windblown?  I knew I should have run with my camera.  The answer came when the National Weather Service announced Wednesday night they believe a tornado touched down in and traveled a path about 200 yards wide northeast over some 2 miles.  That 200 yard path was THAT street!  Here are pictures of some of the destruction.

I haven't run in a couple of days.  My legs really seemed to be beat up by the last couple of races.  No pain just general aches.  Outside issues like work and a trip to the emergency room the other night for my son (he's fine now) meant very little sleep.  So I've decided to repeat Week 16 of the Pfitz 18/55 program.  To compensate I'll remove one of the weeks later in the summer.   Next race: Community Bank of Elmhurst 4 on the 4th.

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