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All Good Things Come to an End

Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak, Lance Armstrong winning 7 consecutive Tour De Frances, Brett Favre starting 297 consecutive games and the Chicago Cubs 102 year streak without a title.  Sorry, but as a Chicago White Sox fan I could resist the last one (cue evil laugh).   All of those streaks have come to an end, well except the Cubs.   My streak of consecutive PR's has ended at four.

Yesterday I ran the Mt. Prospect Park Strive for 5 5k race.  Ironically, I was on a quest for five in a row.  Maybe it could have been extended if I put some space between my races but it wasn't all about the streak. The best part of this streak was the realization that I am in the best running shape ever.  It was fun while it lasted. 

I had a secret goal to get my first age group win.   It was probable since it was a small local race (285 total runners).   I had a second place two years ago and a fourth last year and I was slower then.   But I'm just an above average runner and can never expect to just show up and win.  It just depends on which speedsters decide to race.

Mile one clocked in at 6:22.   Fifteen seconds faster than my first mile in my 5k PR just a couple of weeks ago.   So maybe it was too fast.   I stink at zeroing in on a fast pace by feel.   Maybe someday I'll break down and get a GPS watch and that will help me fix that problem.   Mile two was at 6:50 so I was on my way to another fast race.   Obviously, the last 1.1 was not my best.   I never struggled in the last mile and geared up for a final kick.  There was a runner who looked to be in my age group who was walking far ahead of me but started to run.   I decided he was my prey.   In the last 1/2 mile he started to walk again and I passed him.  Too easy I thought.   But he must have decided that I might be in his age group and immediately passed me back.   I thought to myself, how bad do you want this?   In the final turn I gave it all I got and re-passed him thinking it would crush his spirit if he thought I was his prey.  I also passed an amazing twelve year old who was near me the entire race.   Damn that kid is fast.

Pretty nice bling for a park district race.
I had scheduled a 13 miler today but I was really dragging.   Two hard races within a week might have been a little much.  I cut it short at 8 miles.   But the best part of all this racing is that helps my ultimate goal for breaking 3:30 at Chicago in October.  My training is only two weeks in to my 18 week block and I'm the speediest I've ever been.   I can only get faster and fitter, right?  Right?

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