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Marathon Improvement in Three Days


What's that you say? Is this a radical new type of training?   No more pounding out long runs for 18 weeks?
For the low, low price of $49.99 I can give you the answer if you call today and mention my blog.

Now that I have your attention and unfortunately not your hard earned money, I can tell you I have a new PR just a mere three days after running the Green Bay marathon.  No, I did not find an oddly scheduled Wednesday marathon.   The times have officially been revised as I mentioned in my last post.  The course was long by 800 feet due to a mismarked course.   My new PR is 3:35:55.

As Ilana politely pointed out, I was wrong in my calculations.  My math skills blow.   In my defense, however, I did not double check my work.  Old Doc Watson, my high school honors math teacher, would have been disappointed.   I should point out that is a lot easier to do math when the numbering system is based on 10 and not 60.  I did not grow up using the Babylonian/Sumerian math books.  Besides, they were probably freaking heavy.

The new PR is not an insignificant number.   I now qualify for Corral B at the Chicago Marathon by a mere four seconds.  This means I will have less traffic at the start and less bodies to hurdle when we approach Mt. Roosevelt in the final stretch. 

My quadriceps are no longer killing me as I walk down stairs since Sunday.   I am happy to report no other aches or pains.   I did my first recovery run today of four miles.   It did not hurt but the quads were having none of the speed I asked them to do.   It is supposed to be a recovery run and not breaking a nine minute mile today was just fine.

I'm off to look at potential shorter races.  Let's see if I can use all that training in a painful 5K.

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