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Winter whining will not end

The month of March is over.   A review of my daily log shows I ran 212.9 miles during March and except for one brief respite, winter lingers.    Twelve miles today at a balmy 29 degrees.   Yes, I'm whining.   I really shouldn't be since I know a runner in the Lake Tahoe area who endured 500 inches of snow this winter.   Everything is relative.

I think it's in a runner's nature to always be wanting more.   Run your first sub four marathon and you are already looking to do one faster.   The training schedule calls for ten miles and you have to run an additional block to make sure it's ten plus a tenth.   If it's sixty degrees out, you're thinking you would have run faster at fifty.  It's not healthy to complain but I know all of you can relate.   

So I'm trying to picture warmer times.   Oh,  here they are with winter in the distance for symbolism.  Cue the harp that plays the typical dream flashback music...

Or should we just go with desert sands?

If you dream it...it will happen.    Meanwhile, training has been going really well.   I had a fitness benchmark on Tuesday.   12 miles with 7 at lactate threshold pace.   They always make me anxious.   I never want to fail these runs because it might mean my race prep has been insufficient.   I ran be feel and refused to look at my watch after the first mile.   I averaged a 7:11 pace.   Fitness...check!   Six weeks left and a 3:30 marathon is still in sight.    

Twenty miles scheduled for Sunday.   A low of forty degrees is predicted.   See,  the dreaming is paying off.  Now to work on dreaming of the sub 3:30

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