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Razor's Edge of Marathon Training

Thirty one days remain until race day and lately I've been reminded of just how narrow the line is for us marathon runners.   In particular, marathon runners who aren't in their twenties anymore.  Two weeks ago I ran 57 miles.   Then last week:
04/10/11 17m @ 8:53
04/09/11 7.63m @ 7:28
04/08/11 5.1m @ 8:15
04/06/11 11.33m @ 8:31
04/05/11 8m @ 8:59

The tempo run on Saturday was followed by a monster day of spring cleaning.  Up and down stairs all day and a trip to donate to the Salvation Army.  My legs were a little dead for the 17 mile long run but pace was not affected and I still felt good.  At the end of my run this Monday, I felt a twinge in my left shin.   It scared me because it was the same spot of my stress fracture a year and a half ago.   I walked a bit and jogged the last half mile back.  

It never hurt after the run but I was tired.  I moved my rest day to yesterday.   Then I took it really slowly on today's nine miler.   No problems, but it reinforced the idea of listening to my body.    I'm sure it's just wear and tear.   It didn't help that I listened to two separate running podcasts about master's running.  They talked about injuries and taking extra care when you're an older runner.   One of the guests was an orthopedic surgeon.  So it might have been the power of suggestion as well.  I'm too close to race day to push runs around my neighborhood.   Must...stay...healthy. Must...take...easy days...easy.

I took evasive action.  Retired two pair of Brooks Adrenaline 10's each at 500 miles.   Replaced them with Adrenaline 11's.  Extra sleep and closer attention to nutrition.   Also, wearing compression socks to bed at night.   It can't hurt.

The CARA Spring 10 mile race is Saturday morning.   It's been my experience that most of the speedsters in the area turn out for CARA races.   It is also a part the race series where people speedier than me compete for year end awards.  I love racing down at the lakefront.   Makes me feel like a city kid again.   The weather may not be great.  Lower 40's with a chance of rain.   I'm still playing with the race pace. Anywhere from 7:30 to 7:15 per mile and that would wind up from sub 1:13 to 1:15.  Part of the problem is that I've never done this distance.    I need to go back over the training log.   

Prediction by tomorrow.

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