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One Week Before Taper

So here we are at the last week prior to taper and the one thing that has finally sunk into my thick head is to listen to my body.   Previously, I would have plowed on like a robot following the Pfitz running plan no matter how I felt.   The current training period is way different.  

As an example, I ran a hard ten mile race and was supposed to do 17 miles with 14 at marathon pace on Sunday.   I still ran long on Sunday but backed off the pace to an easy nine minute mile.  About mile 12 my left calf and the muscles on the interior side of my ankle felt odd and weak.   I shut my run down at fourteen and walked back to my car.   Why push it and risk injury?. Monday off.  Tuesday five miles.  Wednesday I moved my scheduled rest day so I could recover some more.   It worked.   The leg is fine once again and I was able to bang out two ten milers the last two days with no after effects.

By the way, I have decided summer is not coming this year.   As I write this it is 40 degrees,  raining with wind gusts above 20 mph.   Yesterday was 34 degrees when I did my run before 6AM.   I am driving north 190 miles for my marathon in just over three weeks.   I better add snowshoes to my race gear.

One more long run on Sunday.   I'm looking to do 22 miles.  The best part of marathon training is almost here.   All of the winter runs, early mornings and stretching are close to paying off.  Pfitz still schedules a 16 miler in the week of taper so I won't be resting too easy.  Plus the runs gets more intense speed wise.   But the best part of my Sunday run will be dinner!  An Easter dinner feast that someone else is cooking.   I'm not a big meat eater anymore, but the lamb will be irresistible after my run.  A glass or two of wine will make it go down that much easier. 

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