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Happy Paczki Day (aka The Old Days)

Today is Fat Tuesday.  Being half Polish it was always known as Paczki Day.   It's pronounced "puntj key".  Or at least that's how we always pronounced it.   Fried jelly donuts basically.  In the old days I looked forward to one last blast of fat and sugar before Lent started.

There is a bakery near my house that takes it up another level.   Flavors like key lime, italian cannoli, pina colada and banana split.   Not to mention caramel turtle, apple caramel swirl and mocha latte.  Mouth watering yet?   My Polish grandmother probably wouldn't have approved of the non-traditional flavors.

The funny thing is that ever since I became I runner I don't miss it.   I'm not perfect.  Occasionally, I'll have a cookie or a piece of chocolate cake.   I mean all those calories that I burn need to be rewarded somehow.   And chocolate milk is a runner's best recovery drink.   But today I celebrated with a six mile run instead.   I finished it off with 6 x 100 strides.  Funny what being a runner does to you.

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