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20 Miles Again and It Has Me Thinking


I've completed my first 20 miler today from the Pfitz 18/55 training plan en route to the Tundra.  I'm sure glad I only had to run 5 miles yesterday as the wind was brutal.   Got my run in during the 15 minutes it was sunny all day and ran errands the balance of the day.    But today was a different story.  It was about 27 degrees at the start but the sun broke through the clouds and it was pleasant enough for a long run.  I hate wind and there wasn't much of it today.

The run went really well.  I forced myself to keep it slow (around a 9 min pace) and accumulate time on my feet.   At certain times my legs just wanted to turn it loose especially as I was passed by a few really good runners.  I get competitive like that.  Which is pointless because in the long term it doesn't mean squat if they are faster than me.   I need to do MY plan at MY ability.  Not someone elses!   When I get near the end of the run I allow myself to turn it loose a little.   It's a big confidence booster to know you have speed when your legs are tired.   I averaged an 8:52 pace and the last couple of miles were around 8:30.   A total of 55 miles for the week.

This is the strongest I've ever felt at this point of training and I started to think.  I've got nine weeks before race day and I had nearly three hours to think and think and think.   This is my third time through the same training plan.   Time #1 ended in a stress fracture.  Time # 2 ended with a stupid non running accident and a really warm race day.  But I wonder specifically about the accumulation of miles on my legs.   I know it pays dividends but I think I'm finally starting to reap some major benefits.    I feel really strong and the 20 miler today wasn't difficult at all.  Time consuming but not hard.    I need to do some more research on the subject.   A quick google search found nothing.   Any suggestions from listener land?  Hopefully my body has adapted and will make 2011 a great year.

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