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Spring Marathon Decision Time

Just an update on the Brooks program:  still no mail.   So I am forced to wait for the next mail delivery on Monday.  A quick look on the Brooks member site tells me there will be three levels of "sponsorship".  Also " Everyone is invited to one of the three groups " so I guess I got that going for me.   No real details so I will continue to stalk the mailman.   How long does mail take to get from Seattle to Chicago?

I'm about to head out for another cold 8 miler.  That will make 40 miles for the week but as I sit here sipping the last of my coffee, I need to make a decision soon on my spring race.   I've narrowed it down to three.   Cellcom Green Bay, Wisconsin Marathon and the Colorado Marathon.   Each have their pros and cons.
Also registration rates increase after the first of the year.   So I need to decide soon.

In the meantime, I came across this article from the Green Bay race director Sean Ryan.   It was pretty interesting because it shows some of the reasoning behind race fees, registration systems and marathon trends.  You can find it here.  Interview with Sean Ryan - Race Director of the Green Bay Marathon


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