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Marathon Eve

Less than 24 hours to go and just got done watching Spirit of the Marathon.  Umm, along with packing my race stuff, giving my kid a shower and laundry.  It's become my personal tradition to watch that movie before any marathon.  Even if this is only my third.

While the Boston marathon qualifying time is on the line, I've promised myself to enjoy the race no matter what happens.   It will be a little warmer than I like, but I've trained in worse than the heat we'll have tomorrow.  I've done the work.  I've reviewed my training and it all points to a success.  The rest is up the the marathon gods.  So many people running for so many more inspirational reasons than my own.   I hope everyone has a great race

Off to dinner with two other runners and their families.  I do want to toast tonight to my wife and the other wives for putting up with all this madness.   We wouldn't be on the starting line without all of their support.

Now as Joe on Family Guy says, "LET'S DO THIS!"


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