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Injury by wine bottle update or Lighten up Francis

Monday morning I work up in severe pain.  I freaked out and worried that my race was in jeopardy.   Then cooler heads prevailed.   Not my head mind you.   But other heads.  More rational heads of runners who can look at this objectively.  Like my posse at the Runners World forum.  Thanks guys and girlsfor talking me off the ledge.  Also, sisterbison and Junie B.

Every last one of them said it is typical for this type of injury to get way worse two to three days later.   It will be followed by rapid improvement.   They were right and I was blinded by worry.  Monday and Thursday were scheduled rest days.   I skipped my eight miler on Tuesday and my five miler on Wednesday.   Slowly, pain started to subside.  Range of motion got a little better.   The NSAIDs did a little of the work as well.

The last time I remember having a similar injury was when I was a weekend warrior playing full contact tag football in a bar league.   My friends and I all woke up sore on  Monday mornigs after those games.  When we weren't tagging the ball carrier we were sacrificing our entire bodies to throw a block.   But I was in my twenties then and I was dumb and invincible.   It got better with time and rest.  

I went out for a short four miler today.  Not perfect but my pace was about 8:40 per mile.   A little stiff and sore.  It also could be because I've been sleeping weird to stay out of pain.   So all is not lost.   I plan to run tomorrow easy.  Maybe six to eight miles.  My legs are raring to go.  My upper body, well, it's getting there. 

Fifteen days until race day.  This has taught me something about myself.  This race means a lot to me.  Why else would I panic so severely?   It also taught me I should lighten up.   Lighten up Francis.

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