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Rock N Roll Chicago Expo


Better late than never.  I realize the expo starts tomorrow but work has kicked my butt all week and I haven't been timely as usual.   The above video gives you an idea of what the Brooks exhibit/space will look like at the expo on Saturday and Sunday.   Not your typical running booth huh.    As a salesperson myself, I have to say they've gone above and beyond the usual exhibit space.

I volunteered to work the expo on Saturday morning.   Hopefully, I'll see some of you there.  The thing about Brooks is not only do they have a great product, they have a sense of humor.  And it's a functional sense of humor.  They will have a full size English double decker bus on hand.   On the upper level, they will offer stride analysis.   Anyone can put a treadmill on a floor.  But Brooks takes it to a whole other level by putting those treadmills on the top of a double decker bus.   There will be carnival games.  Somehow, I don't think they will be rigged against the player like the local carnivals do.  

Preview of the race will come tomorrow.   My ultimate goal will be to get into Corral B for the Chicago Marathon with a qualifying time here.

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