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A week of hard training


It has been a really busy week folks. Two races and 49.2 miles from Sunday to Sunday. I got to sport the Brooks ID uniform twice. My wife really likes it because she can always spot me in a crowd of runners. I'm not really that tired but I have pushed it a little. As the week went on I began to feel stronger but that may be my imagination.

My 5k was a little disheartening. I PR'd the same course last year at 21:43. But that was after many more miles and a spring marathon in my rear view mirror. I knew I didn't have the same fitness this year. McMillan predicted 22:52. Daniels VDOT predicted 23:09. My time....23:03 (4th place in AG). It just goes to show you how accurate these tables can be. It also shows I have work to do. My mile splits were 6:58, 7:23 and 7:54. I'm not sure what happened on that last mile. Maybe the harder week caught up to me. Maybe it was a half marathon hangover. Maybe I lost sense of pace and eased off on that last mile. No other runner passed me on that last mile so that's a plus. The park district offered $100 prizes to the top runners which brought in some added quality runners. For example, the 45-49 AG was won with a smokin' 18:58. I missed 3rd by 7 seconds. Oh well. At least my lungs didn't catch on fire.

My son ran his 50 yard dash pretty well. Of course there were no winners and losers. He was smiling and running the whole way. All I could ask for. Off to celebrate the rest of Father's Day with my wife's family. A Greek church festival with some fantastic food and a cold beer or two. I need my carbs you know.

I ran an easy 13.1 miles today. It felt easy too which was a far cry from last week's long run.

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