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Coming to Universal TV....Me

It's been too long since I've updated.   If you have nothing interesting to say....just shut up I always say.   Honestly, work and running have me occupado and left little time for blogging.   But I'm back now.  Cue the crickets chirping......

The Boston Marathon was run this past Monday.   It was the race I hoped to have run.   But my injury last fall made sure that wasn't gonna happen.   I wasn't depressed about the race.  I chose to dwell on what I could not control.   Over at Runners World, I was tracking three imaginary friends (i.e. people who share the 3:30 marathon thread) who all ran very good races.   I could not watch the race since there is a little thing as work that needed to be done.  

However, I entered a contest on Athlinks.com.  The object was to guess Ryan Hall's finishing time in Boston and you would win some of his autographed gear.   Taking into account Hall's past performance, previous winning Boston times and the weather, I threw a number at the wall.   Then I forgot about the contest until I received the following e-mail this morning: 
Your final prediction was 2:08:39 - you were only off by 2 seconds!  Nice work!  Unfortunately, we had 11 people nail the time exactly.  In fact, we had over 400 people go within 10 seconds.  So regrettably, you did not win the Ryan Hall Gear.
Truly, I am not upset about winning squat!   Especially, if that included another dude's sweaty gear.   But I am competitive and would love to win everything I enter.  Two seconds.  It take me longer than two seconds to type the words two seconds!   He just had to have that extra sip at the last water stop.  Sandbagger.   So I am contacting Universal Sports and seeing if they want me as an analyst.   No way did any of their analysts get that close.   If my application is accepted, I will begin charging people for my guesses.

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