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Beer intermission


One of the best things about running is never having to drink light beer. I spent yesterday at my brother-in-law's house. There is a St. Patrick's Day that starts in front of his house...literally. There is access to a bathroom, a tent to stay out of the rain and beer. Not just ordinary beer. Great beer. Guinness.

Being third generation and one half Irish I consider it my obligation to drink it every year around March 17th. Run and you burn calories. And the average pint of Guinness only has 120 calories. The best of both worlds.

Being on my feet all day yesterday has actually helped my PF. Odd but true. Maybe it was the arch supports. I ran 3.75m on Friday and 4m today. At the end of the run, my foot always feels great. I continue to ice it and roll the golf ball under it. When I sit around, it stiffens up. Hey, as long as I can run I will tolerate the discomfort. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday. The doc is a runner. I'll have another beer after the appointment. Call it...umm...therapy.

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