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So far...so good

It has been two weeks since I've run. I had the start of the dreaded PF (plantar fasciitis) in my right foot. Maybe I upped my mileage too quickly, maybe I ran too fast, maybe it was worn shoes. If I expect to run the Chicago Marathon in October and qualify for Boston, I need to get rid of this PF now. So I shut it down for two weeks. Plus I got rid of all my worn out shoes.

This morning I was hesitant about running, as I could feel a slight tightness in my heel. But that loosened up as I did a few things around the house. Don't push it I told myself. Don't run too far I told myself. So Mile 1 was in at a 9:11 pace. So far...so good. I ran a total of 3.5 miles and took it easy. I really stretched the problem area and took some Vitamin I immediately after my run as a precaution. Let's hope that's the last I see of PF. Weird because in my two years of running, I never had this type of problem.
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