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No turning back now

It's getting downright depressing now. They say if you do something for a month it becomes a habit . If you do something for six months then it becomes a routine like brushing your teeth. So two solid years of running....ADDICTION. I know this PF will heal. It feels better every day. But not a single run or workout in nearly two weeks. I removed the KT tape today and we'll see what happens. I will not run until it fully heals. It's the only answer to running pain free this spring and summer.

In the meantime, the Chicago Marathon is filling up. The total is about 29,000 runners signed as of this date. It fills at less than 45,000 because of charity exemptions so it should close by the end on March. I was running out of time. No turning back now as I have officially registered as of this afternoon. I will not do a spring marathon this year for obvious reasons. An eighteen week marathon program will not officially kick off until June. So I've got time..right?

I now have until now and June to build my base to a minimum of 40 miles per week.

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