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Free Stuff


Who says there is no thing as a free lunch...or free medical help? No, I'm not talking about the Obama nightmare healthcare. I am talking about the free swag every runner gets when they register for a bigger race.

When you pay your fee for a race you inevitable get some sort of gift bag filled with free samples of things like nutrition bars, coupons, some kind of race shirt and all of them running related. Last year I got a free sample of KT tape. It's the latest and greatest in athletic training. Now I actually have a use for it.

I have not run since Sunday in an attempt to get over this annoying plantar fasciitis injury. So in addition to rest, ice and Vitamin I (athlete code for Ibuprofen), I applied the KT this morning. It's waterproof, can be worn for 5 days and included instructions for applying the tape specifically for my injury. Heck, if it's good enough for pro volleyballer Kerri Walsh it may work on an old guy like me.

I'm getting anxious. The injury just seems to not get any worse and only marginally better. I can run on it and barely notice it. I'm a beast when I can't run. Just ask my wife. I'm running tomorrow no matter what. My half marathon is 5 weeks away and I am not ready.

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