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I have taken another two days off from running. Well I did run a half mile on Thursday but I could still feel the PF acting up. So I shut it down. I need to get over it and not have it linger. I purchased some cheap arch supports and continue to tape my foot. Finally some improvement. I'm really impatient.

But the big day ahead has nothing to do with running. Well maybe a little. I mean runners do need and enjoy their carbs. On Tuesday February 23rd we will all celerate National Pancake Day!!! Yes, pancakes. When I was a kid I always ordered pancakes when we went out for breakfast. On Tuesday, IHOP will offer a free short stack to all comers. All they ask is that you consider a donation to the Childrens Miracle Network.

So Tuesday, go for a run, donate to a charity and GO GET SOME PANCAKES!

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